RAILCOP is operating Railway Track Workshop at Raiwind since July 2001 for manufacturing of vide range of high quality track fittings and fastenings, such as Fish Plates, T-Bolts, ER Clips, Steel Keys, Cotters Liners, Spikes, Nuts & Bolts of different kinds, Bearing Plates, Tie Plates, Slide Chairs etc.

The Workshop continues to effectively contribute towards efforts in track rehabilitation, track fittings and fastenings. dualization and requirements of maintenance and renewals of track for Pakistan Railways.


RAILCOP at the very out-set made efforts to modernize the technological capability of Track Workshop in order to manufacture qualitative & high performance track components. The old machines were modified, new machines, capable to give mass production were added, the production of components, which were not manufactured in the past workshop, was started and to avoid hold-up in manufacturing work on account of load shedding of electricity/gas, heavy generator & furnace oil are used.

At present, production has been increased by four times and annual turnover is over Rs.900 million.