Production of Track
Fittings & Fastenings

RAILCOP is operating Railway Track Workshops at Raiwind near Lahore, Pakistan since July 2001 for manufacturing of vide range of quality track fittings and fastenings, such as Fish Plates, T-Bolts, ER Clips, Steel Keys, Cotters & Liners, Spikes, Nuts & Bolts of different kinds, Bearing Plates, Tie Plates, Slide Chairs etc besides, points of closing Assemblies (Turnouts) as well. The Company also deals in supply of track fittings & fastenings.
In this regard, RAILCOP can supply experienced and qualified engineers, technicians, and experts relating to production of track fittings and fastenings.

Railway Signaling

Signaling systems are required for efficient and safe train operations. RAILCOP is collaborating with Pakistan Railways in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of signaling, interlocking, and block systems.