ISLAMABAD, 16th March, 2022: The 116th meeting of Board of Directors of Railway Constructions Pakistan Limited (RAILCOP) was held today under the Chairmanship of Mr. Azeem Adil Sheikh of at 11:00 A.M. in the conference hall of Islamabad Club, Islamabad.


Before taking up the agenda, the board members were requested to elect the chairman of the newly constituted board of directors of RAILCOP. The directors of re-constituted RAILCOP Board unanimously elected and appointed Mr. Azim Adil Sheikh, as Chairman RAILCOP Board for a term period of three years.


The 2nd agenda item was to request the board to approve the confirmation of minutes of previous 115th General Meeting held on 29th January 2021. It was recommended in the last meeting that all the relevant agendas must be discussed first with the Board Committees for recommendations before submitting the same to the Board as a policy matter in the future.


With a view to seeking recommendations of the committees to further enhance the Corporate Governance norms for the company, RAILCOP will form The Committees on different aspects of Corporate Governance.


The next agenda was to discuss and allow CEO RAILCOP to enter into joint ventures partnerships and SPV agreements to establish companies for forth-coming infrastructure projects with private local/ foreign investors, nation nally and internationally.

Currently, RAILCOP is working on Special Economic Zone, Railway Infrastructure Development Projects, Commercial Exploitation of Railway Lands & Properties, Thar Coal Railway Track, Quetta – Taftan Railway Track (ML-3) Revalidation of Technical & Financial Feasibility for standard gauge track & construction of Trans-Shipment Terminals at Spezund – Quetta, Kemari – Pipri Railway Track & Terminals, Gawadar – Jacobabad Railway Track, Track Workshop Upgradation, W-14 Butterfly Clips (Vossloh), Nut Formers, Double Post Planners, Steel Mill, Track Machine Shop, Mechanized Maintenance of Tracks, Transfer of track Machines.

Board Members

Mr. Azim Adil Sheikh

Chairman RAILCOP Board

Independent Director

Mr. Shahid Aziz

Independent Director

Mr. Farid ud Din Ahmed

Independent Director

Sahibzada Mansoor Ali

Independent Director

Mr. Arshad Farooq

Independent Director


Mr. Arshad Salam Khattak

AGM/Infrastructure, MoR, Islamabad.

Ex-Officio (Non-Executive Director)

Mr. Kashif Ahmed Noor

Member Finance,

Ministry of Railways.

Ex-Officio (Non-Executive Director)

Syed Najam Saeed

Chief Executive Officer/ RAILCOP

Executive Director