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Welcome to our website!
Railway Constructions Pakistan Limited (RAILCOP) is a subsidiary of Ministry of Railways, Pakistan. It was established in 1980 and since than it has adhered to the corporate spirit of “Innovative Engineering” and cultivated many key business segments, namely, civil infrastructure construction, track design and constructions, manufacturing of rail fastening equipment, rail track maintenance and etc. RAILCOP has a proud history of delivering what it promises both nationally and internationally.
After revitalizing its Vision Statement and translating it into a slogan
“THINK BIG, WE DO” RAILCOP is seizing every opportunity of rapid development, and has committed itself to be a vital organ in the growth and development of national economy and Pakistan Railways in particular by virtue of attracting Foreign Direct Investments and local investors in the Railway Infrastructure and related projects.
Standing at a new historical starting point and facing new development opportunities, we will bear in mind our mission, and aim it to be a first-class company globally in the coming years. Hence, we come forward with a new-age corporate identity – an entirely new look with a modernized logo that epitomizes innovation, advancement and transformation; Combining all of these elements and making them work together into a simplified sturdy execution thus representing our strength and reliability. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything RAILCOP stands for and everything that we aspire to become as we move forward into an exciting future. As you can see, it is not just our logo that has changed it’s the culture that is already on the journey of transformation. Our mission is a refined version of what we have always known best about ourselves: we deliver best-in-class services and quality at par with global standards.
Thank you very much!