The safety, reliability and quality of the railways are paramount for passengers, employees and the entire rail network. Without reliable train services, safety will be at risk and delays will likely occur.

Track design and maintenance  is the crucial part of RAILCOP’s major role in development of Railway infrastructure.  Rail track maintenance covers upkeep of the entire rail network. This includes inspecting signalling and power supplies, tracks and bridges, embankments, fences, walls, level crossings, surrounding area safety.
Following are some more services which RAILCOP provides to Pakistan Railways in terms of track design, laying and maintenance.

  • Install and renew track, tunnels, embankments, cuttings, level crossings and bridges.
  • Inspect tracks for defects using specialised equipment.
  • Report and clear potential obstacles.
  • Survey sections of track to identify maintenance needs.
  • Report accidents and incidents and identify occuring problems.
  • Perform lookout and hand signalling duties during trackside operations.
  • Carry out site surveys to check if repairs are needed.