RAICOP is working to establish an economic zone in Rajanpur. This economic zone will be a major HUB in the center of Pakistan for industries, and for export to international markets comprising a quarter of the world population. Additionally, this shall provide a solid platform to 30 million residents living around this project to be part of the project directly and indirectly. This SEZ is being planned for the development of complete infrastructure with an investment of US$ 100 Million.

The benefits of this SEZ are unlimited ranging from controlling inflationary pressure to providing regular business opportunities for local as well as international markets. To establish world-class facilities at SEZ, It will accommodate around 550 small and medium size of manufacturers. Furthermore, this platform of development will be constructed on a strong financial footing for the growth of economic activities generated from Pakistan, China, the Central Asian Region, Afghanistan, Iran, MENA. Following are a few economic benefits

a. Employment

b. Exports to the regional countries

c. Fully documented import and export activity

d. A wide range of financial activity by the banking industry

e. Direct access of mid-level trader to original manufacturers

f. Visible reduction in the cost of consumer goods

g. A facility of international standard for recreation of the family

h. Increase in tourism, thus increase of opportunities for local businesses

i. Rail service to the land for benefit of loca, to give easy access to SEZ