RAILCOP, over the years, has established itself as a specialized Company
bridge for the construction of High-Speed Railway Track. With valuable experience gained on its
major Saudi Railways projects, the Company can carry out the construction of high-speed Railways lines to the highest international standards. RAILCOP is fully equipped with modern track machinery and experienced technical staff and is in a position to undertake the construction of new railway lines and rehabilitation of existing tracks in Pakistan and abroad. 

RAILCOP can supply experienced and qualified engineers, technicians, and experts relating to all fields of the railway for planning and execution of projects. The services of P. way Engineers and other technical staff having experience of mechanized track construction and maintenance can also be provided by RAILCOP.

 RAILCOP in association with Pakistan Railways Carriage Factory, Islamabad and
Mughalpura Workshop, Lahore, can manufacture and supply various types of passenger coaches and freight wagons. The Company also deals in the manufacture and supply of track fittings/fastenings.

 RAILCOP has a vast reservoir of trained technical personnel of Pakistan Railways in the field of Operation, signaling, telecommunication, maintenance of track, etc, and can provide training in different railway institutions and manufacturing workshops, equipped with the most modern technology.