€170Million FDI to Pakistan for the Construction of 105 km Rail Track in Thar Coal, CEO RAILCOP

€170Million FDI to Pakistan for the construction of 105 km Rail Track in Thar Coal, CEO RAILCOP

Islamabad, 20th December 2021: An MOU was signed between RAILCOP, Railway Constructions Pakistan  

Limited, M/s Al furqan Holdings Private Ltd and BIL Pakistan Pvt Ltd to construct a new 105Kms rail track  

connecting Thar Coal Block II with New Chorr station on the Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Rail link. The  project 

valued euro 170 million will be executed under 100% foreign direct investment by Al Furqan Group UAE,  

the CEO RAILCOP, Syed Najam Saeed, said on the occasion of the MOU signing Ceremony.  


Talking to the occasion, he said that the project will provide a new rail link from Thar Coal Mines to  

National Railway Network for ensuring availability of indigenous Thar Lignite fuel throughout Pakistan.  

It will give maximum coverage of all Thar Coal Mine Blocks and far-flung population centers in  

Tharparkar district while avoiding any existing infrastructural relocations. 


It was also mentioned by the CEO RAILCOP, that the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan 

is to attract FDI with attractive incentives and policies to the investors in a competitive business environment.  

Syed Najam Saeed,  re-affirmed the mission of Muhammad Azam Khan Swati , Federal Minister for  

Railways, in transforming Pakistan Railways into a profit-generating entity with such PPP (public private partnership) projects.  He also thanked Secretary/Chairman Railways, Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman Gilani, for his continuous support for the project. 


Furthermore, Pakistan Railways and on behalf of RAILCOP, Syed Najam Saeed extends its special  

gratitude to Mr. Tauseef Zaman, CEO, BIL Pakistan (Private) Limited, and Mr. Faisal Abro, an officer of  

the Foreign Service of Pakistan posted in the Permanent Mission at OIC demonstrated skills of economic  

diplomacy played an instrumental role in arranging this FDI of €170 million.  


He further said that with every passing day, the necessity of Rail Link to connect Thar Coal mines with  

the existing railway system is gaining priority and urgency. All the relevant authorities and stakeholders are 

preferring and urge to adopt rail as a primary mode of transportation for Thar coal as compared to  

highway mode. This new rail link would be helpful  in the coal-driven energy projects executed under 

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).